Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slipping away

More arguments, more silence

Till one day the truth is spoken

Nothing left to say

Nothing more to fight over

Time to part

Time to move on

Usually one is leaving and the other being left

Seldom is the separation mutual

The one leaving can feel relief

The one being left an emptiness

Such is often the experience of humans in relationship

Anything to say?

Just look at yourself in relationship are you doing your best?

Are you working on it?

Are you aware of frictions?

Time to check because often the rifts are buried until too late to mend.

Unspoken until they explode

Don't let your relationship slip away.

Or if it has already gone move on

Life is too short to hold on to things that have already gone

It takes two to say yes only one to say no

If one says no then this is for the two of you

Move on get busy understanding that it takes time for pain to heal

Human life is characterised by pain

Pain is a normal part of human experience

If your relationship has gone then do new things occupy your mind

Endless what ifs will not help, it's gone

Being busy helps the time to pass and the pain to ebb

And after a while whatever the cause or manner of seperation thank your partner for the good times

Say thanks for the lessons you learnt

However hard they might seem

Always finish the relationship inside yourself

New relationships are unlikely to arise until you complete the last one

Completion is important

Live life fully with no regrets

Welcome the unknown in front of you.

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