Sunday, September 28, 2008

Egyptian custom

In days of old,

The marriage service contained an article that the woman should be the "lady of the lord"

and real lord over him, the husband pledging himself to be "obedient to his wife"

for the production of alchemical results such as the elixir of life and the philosophers stone

for the spiritual help of the woman was needed by the male alchemist

But woe to the alchemist who should take this in the dead letter sense of physical union

Such sacrilege would become black magic and be followed by certain failure

The true alchemist of old took aged women to help him, carefully avoiding the young ones

and if any of them happened to be married they treated their wives for months both before and during operations as sisters
Today women hold the key to mankind's spiritual evolution
This is not yet understood as little true knowledge about spiritual evolution is available today, particularly in the West
The time will come when humanity turns again to true spiritual growth and then women will play their intended role
This can only happen when women understand that they are responsible for their own evolution, just as the same is true for men
All of us are individual souls and as such responsible for our own journey of evolution
This journey can only become conscious as and when humanity turns from selfish to altruistic behaviour

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