Wednesday, September 17, 2008


In most countries are becoming a farce

Maybe they always were

Maybe we just did not pay attention

Election strategies designed for gullible morons and unfortunately there are plenty of them

And as morons have the same one vote as intelligent humans this already says that appealing to morons is the name of the game in politics

With silly and outrageous promises you can buy the moron vote while the intelligent human will make up his own mind

So naturally politics is now all about ridiculous promises of heaven on earth to bribe the morons

Lie upon lie spin upon spin until most turn away in disgust

And to what end?

We are still governed by self serving politicians who time after time are found stealing, lying cheating and abusing their positions

So the only sanction left is to throw the one lot out and put the others in again

Put another way change the dirty bath water every so often

And that is about the sum total of what can be done apart from joining groups dedicated to promoting electoral reform

Unfortunately different interest groups are assuming or have already assumed control over the various political systems to be found around the world

And when you reach this point something must give

Not that any politician wants this but a choking point of paralysis arrives

Has arrived in many societies today

Meanwhile nature is also stirring

Nature is becoming more assertive and throws in her contribution of forcing change upon us through floods, earthquakes, fires, heat waves, cold spells, diseases, global warming, volcanic eruptions, you name it

Nature today is giving us a wake up call

A new reality approaches as we begin to see how nature exacts her price for our abuse of so many resources

And no it is highly unlikely to calm down again in our lifetimes

It is much more likely to increase as we reach so many tipping points
Politics cannot provide needed solutions because of it's structure and dynamics
Meanwhile nature is more violent and unpredictable

Thus you have a combination which will produce many unexpected situations

Uncertainty rules

What a time you have chosen to be here on Planet Earth!

And the only realistic thing open to individuals is to learn how to be OK with change

For change is the one constant from now on

And how you are with this will determine how you get along with our brave new world
Learning to be OK with change is about being OK with yourself
Being OK with yourself comes with liking yourself
Being able to chill and accept that you probably cannot change the world but you can be the best you can be every day in whatever comes your way
Elections we might well ignore, many do
Now nature on the other hand is not to be taken so lightly and we ignore her at our peril.

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