Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Young parents

Are often as selfish as we are

How about that for an opening line?

In a modern me me world parents are also of the me generations

They too think of themselves first

Often having lived totally selfish hedonistic lives

Many have made no sacrifices of any kind until they get married

Some naively do not imagine they will have to even then

Guess why the sparks fly between husbands and wives once the novelties wear off

Guess then why so many marriages break up so quickly

It is easier they believe to continue in life without compromise or the effort of marriage

So better be single again or so they tell themselves

For others the disbelief that it did not work as they wanted it to

Notice the idea as they wanted it to

For those who stayed in marriage usually along come the children

For many it is easier to go on being selfish because their lives are not so affected by the arrival of children

For men this is frequently so as they are still at work and only see children for a short time in the evening and at weekends

For wives who are the careers at home looking after the children life suddenly involves lots of compromise

And this can be quite a shock for young women used to leading life on their own terms

Indeed it can quickly become a tough learning curve when baby does not do as they want

When baby starts the long battle of dominance played out in every generation

For young parents it is a steep learning curve where husband does not get all the attention

Where wife is tired

Where she has her focus on her child not on him

Where suddenly life revolves around the child

Where life has to be juggled to fit in with children

For young parents life is very different

There are pluses too in having children for sure it is truly an amazing experience

For many the reason to be

For many women fulfillment

And for all young parents the chance to re educate themselves through their children

Young parents be warned it all goes so fast

From babies to young children to teens to adults where did it all go?

Suddenly young parents find to their surprise they are no longer young themselves

Where did life go?

A life seems such a long long time while we are young and oh so short once we get older
Be warned life is a different experience once you get older
Young parents have no idea of this because of their immersion in parenthood
Time today is very challenging use it well whatever your life choices

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