Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am my parent

Yes this is how it really works

My thoughts and actions in this life shape how I am in my next

My genetics are merely those provided by the parents my profile chooses

My parents are those chosen to give me the best start in life for the lessons I have come to learn in this life

So in a very profound sense I am my own parent as I shape what I become in my new life

My genetic parents give me the start I need

My thoughts and actions now are what determine what happens to me in my new life

My previous thoughts and actions are what determine what I experience now

For the drunkard maybe drunken parents in the next life to experience what it is like to have drunken parents

What goes round coming round if you will

Karma in action

For those who were too busy to give their love or time to their children

They may well have parents in this life who are too busy to give them any attention or time either

And so it goes on karma is very accurate no one may pay for you

It is you alone who reap what you have sown

This is both for good and bad thoughts and deeds

More than half the world already understands that karma rules

Until 553ad Christians did too, when the Church elders decided to eliminate karma and reincarnation and replace it with their muddled teachings

If you look at these teachings they are rather incoherent but certainly there was nothing muddled or incoherent about the power and control it gave them

The absolution of sins is also a Christian idea, which again has nothing to do with the teachings of the founder

Be warned no one may give you absolution for anything you have done

No church no priest may absolve you contrary to current Christian teaching

Only you can undo what you have done

You pay your karma if not in this life then in the next or sometimes even later lives

You and you alone are responsible

Lie and cheat all you like

You pay

So dwell a little on this you are your own parent creating now what you will be and experience in the future

Yes life is not quite as simple as often portrayed in the West

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