Saturday, September 06, 2008

A special breed

Of selfish mothers

Who proudly proclaim how they dedicate their lives to their daughters

As if this is in the interests of the daughter

As if this is somehow admirable

Or what they or their daughters are on this planet to do

Of course it is they who know best

They know how she should behave in any given situation

How she should think

How she should lead her life

With whom she should mix

Who she should marry

Where she should live

And the rest

If you are one such then stop it

Get a life of your own

Your daughter is not here for you to live your life vicariously through hers

Get on with your own life and leave her alone to get on with hers

If she needs or wants your help then let her ask for it when she decides to

Not when you feel she ought to

Do not talk to her every day on the phone

Do not call her

Let your daughter alone

Get on with your own life

And if you are the daughter then understand you are not here to be your mother's plaything

You are here to grow your own spirit

Get on with your own life

Invite your mother to leave you alone to make your own choices

We are here to learn for ourselves

By ourselves

Of course a nice relationship is ideal

Of course you care

But surrendering your autonomy to a selfish woman is not what it is all about

And yes in case you wondered we come across many lives ruined by these mothers

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