Friday, September 05, 2008

And why not

Total life energy devoted to me, myself, and me

Nothing else exists except me and my glory

Even when they marry it is all about how does this enhance me?

How does this make me look better, my trophy partner

Sex is the price she pays

And him his bank balance

So many people are quite happy with their lives of materialism

And why not

A life running after new toys

The glitter of the next exciting must have

The latest model of this or that

And can I get in the media

Am I a celebrity

The latest fashion

Life devoted to me

Me, me and more me.

Lucky world we all have endless tattle to read every day about empty lives

And why not drones have always been a part of human society

It is only now that nonentities can become newsworthy for no other reason than they want to

And of course because the media encourage the gross

And the media are doing this because a lot of people are buying it

One small question what is that attracts so many to read endlessly about so little?

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