Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time for understanding

How things work

Why they are as they are

And why they don't really work

A case in point is our world, Planet Earth

Our world is still run on reductionist ideas

Reductionism still dominates many branches of science, medicine and other areas

This might have been fine in times gone past

Today reductionism is dangerous because it limits our ability to understand

Simply put understanding what an elephant is or what he even looks like from a detailed knowledge of his tail or trunk is difficult if not impossible
Understanding an elephant's tail or trunk after seeing an elephant is simple

Understanding anything is easier when moving from generalities to particulars
Peculiar that reductionism has lasted so long
Given that it is based on trying to understand the big picture from an endless study of component parts of things
Sad that many branches of science are fighting so hard against other ways of understanding
Thinking in generalities and then moving to particulars is the way forward
However many vested interests want to remain with reductionism

Studying ever smaller details and then wondering why we cannot understand the bigger picture is the way it just is for many people

This has lead to our inability to see how to tackle the world's numerous problems

As individuals we also would do well to consider that the same applies to us

If you have no idea why you are here

Then how can you know what you are meant to be doing?
A simple logical proposition

But one swept away under current popular beliefs and distortions

Many untrue beliefs propogated by powerful vested interests

Interests that kill or remove those who try to challenge their power

For you as an individual take time to think for yourself

Why are you here?

Once you embark on the journey of trying to understand help will come

But only if you are prepared to be honest and sincere
The same applies to our global problems understanding can only come if we are honest and sincere in our desire to go beyond our greed and selfishness

Humanity will not survive without our understanding that we are all responsible for Planet Earth

We are not spectators in some sort of game

We are the participants

Each and every one of us

No one else just us

And what are we doing?

Start by understanding yourself

You are not a spectator everyone is a part of the solution or destruction of Planet Earth

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