Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yes there are rules

Man made rules that cover everything today

And where they don't we create ever more

And no we are not going to talk here about these rules because what is there to say?

Some are necessary, many are not
Some are stupid, some helpful

For sure there are far too many man made rules

No we talk about the rules for humanity

Universal rules if you prefer

Here are some

Growth in our terms means consciousness evolution

This may only come through our own personal efforts

Every human must make his own decision to grow, no one may do this for us

No one will force him to grow

This growth choice is the same life after life

A very personal decision

This growth may only come step by step
No one may miss out any one step

All of us must experience everything

Which is why we have so many lives
Everyone must follow these rules

The approach to these rules might well be different but the lessons are the same

Many lives might be spent learning one lesson

Today ideas of spiritual or vertical growth are not fashionable

No matter the truth is as it is

Our reason for being is consciousness evolution

This is why we come here living life after life

Human fashion or not we are here to grow our consciousnesses

So if you are bored with this materialistic world then feel free to choose spiritual or vertical growth
Oh and be clear this has nothing to do with modern religion although ironically all the world's major religions were based on the same teachings, the same perennial wisdom

This journey, for that is what it is, takes many many thousands of lives

Each life teaching us one or two major lessons, if we are open to learn that is

And yes there are rules

Rules to guide us

Rule one to ten

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

So simple

Not rocket science

Certainly the best rule any individual could ever find to base their lives upon

Also learn to be honest have moral and ethical values

The rest is discipline and hard work 24/7 over many many lives

And no it does not matter if others follow or not we all make our own individual choice

And yes it matters to you because without these rules man is lost as are you

Follow these rules and your life will change

It will change because you will become less selfish as you more often consider the needs of others

It will change as you learn about your true self

Karma and reincarnation are the mechanisms, which control this journey
And karma is unerring in helping us observe these rules


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog, it is just real, motivating and most of all it rings so fully of truth

Antony said...

The truth is an interesting idea in our modern times of spin and counter spin...........truth is just that truth.
Usually we can feel truth if it resonates with us in our hearts even if the ideas are not so familiar to us