Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little points

Moving us towards more happiness

Happiness being an emotion we cannot order happiness up whenever we want

It comes and goes as it will

Or does it?

Not really happiness is in part a function of environment and situation

Another part is us

How we think

Moves us and how we experience life

Giving rise to greater or lesser happiness

As we have said many times happiness is not what we are really after we are really after peace of mind

However today this is about little things that can lead to greater happiness

Keep a gratitude journal, put in it all the things that you can/should/are grateful for

At first this might be hard but if you stick with it you will find more and more things

The habit will help you become aware of how much is right in your life

Focus more on enjoying the moment and worrying less about the past and future.

Stop insisting on always being right

Yes this might not be easy but it will certainly show you how important and helpful this can be

Others will certainly appreciate this shift though!

It will also help you explore other nicer more creative ways of getting what you want

Stop complaining about so many things and situations

For example if you commute stop being irritated by it and make it a looked forward to part of your day where you are free to think and be as you want

When you find yourself off wondering what's happened or might happen bring yourself back to the present with a good, deep breath
Do this everytime you catch yourself doing this
It will probably shock you to learn how much of your day you spend doing this
At home or with family often the things we fight about are really pretty petty so a deep breath and don't engage or answer back
Consciously become more forgiving.
Forgive those who have caused you pain, parents in particular often fall into this group
Forgive them for your difficult childhood
Take up meditation or yoga in other words anything that calms the mind
Do things that put you in a flow state
How you act and how you think helps determine the happiness inside you.
And when you can do this at will then time to move onto removing the causes of dis-ease or unhappiness
And so life goes on

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