Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lost time

On computers and electronic devices is something most of us have experienced

A new device with a myriad of mostly useless features

Features that only a techie could love

And yet few manufacturers feel able to drop this equivalent of an arms race

All feel obliged to add yet more fiddly options

And while we wrestle with their features we are of course with our heads down focusing on the device

Our time is spent trying to understand or to get it to work

And then it works and is our life really changed, so much better for it?

Or have we just wasted yet more time on something that we can quite easily do without?

When given a device decide early on do I really want or need this?

When buying a simple question what do I want this for?

Only buy what works for you let go of things in your life that just add clutter and often irritation
Thinking about it for a moment what does it tell us about each other, the devices we choose?
There are those who love devices and those that don't
Those that use them all the time
Those that use them seldom
What do they say about us?
And whether we like them or hate them if they break down then all of us are in trouble
A world dependent on electrical devices is a vulnerable place indeed

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