Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mini breaks

Are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons

Long holidays are not possible for many people

Mini breaks can be very cheap

They give a good psychological break

They feel longer than a few days

They can be small adventures

They can be exciting or restful
They can give a rest to heightened financial uncertainties

And if you live somewhere where the weather is now more unpredictable than it used to be then a break can be more important to get away from miserable or just plain unpleasant weather

Add in that mini breaks are something nice to look forward to and we can see that they are more than just a break

Mini breaks fill many needs and certainly contribute to our feeling of well being

And when did you last do something different?

When was your last adventure?

When did you last go somewhere new where you have never been before?

If your answer is a long pause while you try to remember then time to book a break

Life goes so fast nowadays we are already approaching the last quarter of the year

So why not plan and book a mini break to somewhere nice?

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