Monday, September 22, 2008

Let down

Kicked right where it hurts

Caught totally by surprise

Never expected that

Yes one of these shocks can really get the adrenaline going

And then?

How do you hide huge shock or disappointment?

Try to maintain a steady composure for a start

Do not let all your emotions flood out

Try to finish the experience asap without showing your feelings


Because after cooling down you might want to add or delete something and this is difficult to do if you have already let loose with a flood of your emotions

Bitter disappointment is tough to handle but a violent reaction does not really help

Crying, screaming and shouting can come later when you are alone or away from the other party

And while revenge might sound like a good idea creating more negative karma is not really such a clever idea

Look at what can or should be done, act upon it

Then let it go

Easy to say, hard to do, however the idea of letting it go is fine to start with

The actuality of letting go can come later

And why is this such a good idea?

For a start it helps change your karma in a positive way

It also means that the tension between you and the other party is cut thereby releasing positive energy back to you

Spending a life or long period of time feeling bitter does not do one much good

As someone once said "The best revenge is living well"
And it is so true that letting go and getting on with life is really the best option

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