Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do these speak to you?

Enjoy these

False friendship is like a parasitic plant, it kills the tree it embraces

He who hath too many friends, hath as many candidates for enemies

Narrowness of mind causes stubbornness; we do not easily believe what is beyond that which we see

A narrow stomach may be filled to satisfaction, but a narrow mind will never be satisfied, not even with all the riches of the world

He who neglects his duty to his conscience, will neglect to pay his debt to his neighbour

Keep thine eyes open, or fate will open them for thee

To feel one's ignorance is to be wise; to feel sure of one's wisdom is to be a fool

Daily practical wisdom consists of four things;- to know the root of truth, the branches of truth, the limit of truth, and the opposite of truth.

All has an end, and will away, truth alone is immortal and lives forever

The faults of others is easily perceived, but that of oneself is difficult to perceive

Thoughts alone cause the round of rebirths in this world; let a man strive to purify his thoughts, what a man thinks, that he is; this is the old secret
If one man can conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand men, and if another shall conquer himself, he is the greater of the two conquerors

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