Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Origin of Western weeks

The present division of the solar year was made several centuries later than the beginning of our era and our week is not that of the ancients

The septenary division of the four parts of the lunar phases is as old as the world

and originated with the people who reckoned time by the lunar months

The Hebrews never used it for they counted only the seventh day, the Sabbath, though the second chapter of Genesis seems to speak of it

Till the days of the Caesars there is no trace of a week of seven days among any nation save the Hindus

From India it passed to the Arabs, and reached Europe with Christianity.

The Roman week consisted of eight days,
and the Greek or Athenian week was of ten days

This is one of the numberless contradictions and fallacies of Christendom is the adoption of the Indian septenary week of the lunar reckoning
and also the preservation at the same time of the mythological names of the planets

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