Thursday, September 25, 2008

One little thing

Yes just one little thing

And our good feelings go out the window


Like they were never here

The end of everything

spoilt, life changed ruined even, or so it feels

Misery descends

How can we be that fragile?

Sure it might be bad news

Maybe even very bad news

Something is wrong though when we seriously over react

When our balance with everything else goes because one little thing goes pear shaped

When something hits us we must be able to develop the skill not to fly off the handle or get angry

Nothing goes smoothly for ever

Life might be good for a while it might even be pretty stable

But one of the guarantees about today's world is that nothing but nothing is going to be very stable for very long

And that includes your life

Your relationships

Your work, your everything

So be warned for sure something else will go wrong

That's the way it is on Planet Earth at this time

Things are not stable but you can for sure learn to be more balanced

Put things in better perspective

Take a deep breath and understand that somehow life will move on

It will take effort and or time to sort things out, but yes things will continue one way or another

So finding our balance again protects us from lurching into depression

One little thing might be all it takes to get you going into one of your moods

Learn to find one little pleasure in your life to get you out again, look for one, find one

Immerse yourself in something where you have to be totally involved

Let go of frustration learn to live with disappointment

Life has many up and downs

Downs are as natural as ups although we would all love to believe that this is not really so

It is so therefore just as you learnt control with discipline and will power so learn to let go

This process begins to give you a balance in your emotions

Starts to help you calm down, letting go is a skill so learn it

Learn through deep breaths when things hit you

Learn to enjoy nature

Try yoga and meditation

All of them can help give you the ability to fight letting that "one little thing" set you off again


Anonymous said...

Antony, I thought Yoga is not quite a good thing to do?

Antony said...

Any yoga should be conducted by experienced teachers and unfortunately this is often not the case
Hatha yoga and Pranayama not so good as they can lead to physical and mental problems when badly instructed
However as most people do not take them to an extreme point they are usually OK when used as gentle exercise
Pranayama is the most dangerous yoga when undertaken by uninformed people as it can create all kinds of problems, even madness and death have been known to happen
We have a patient who has literally lost her mind as a result of practicing Pranayama and this is really sad to see

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me know! I understand better now.