Friday, September 26, 2008

No way

Did we descend from the apes

On the contrary they descended from our ancestors

No way did we come from one little old lady in East Africa

Our race, the fifth, started in what is today called the Gobi desert

Two simple statements of fact

And how many of you reading this have ever challenged those two ideas of our descent from apes and our race emanating from East Africa?

Even thought about it

Yet these are two ideas central to our understanding of ourselves

Essentially we are living in basic error about where we come from

And this in turn puts a different twist and slant on much else

Your life can be as dull or interesting as you want to make it

Accepting our cultural stories without question limits your life

The truth is that your life has more peace o f mind once you know and understand the truth

And this truth has been handed down through the ages and is known as the ageless or perennial wisdom

Distorted for different reasons by so many from religious leaders to various interest groups to scientists and politicians all with their own agendas to promote

Only soft echoes of the truth live on today

Echoes that resonate in all of us

That small voice that tells us that life must have more meaning than this

Must have a truth to it somewhere a little more coherent than the present stories we are given

Yes it does

Start looking by challenging these stories

Just because "everybody" knows something does not make it true

Once upon a time "everybody" knew that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around our little planet

To change that understanding took centuries

To change our understanding of where we came from will probably take just as long as it took to understand that the world is not flat

Funny how history repeats itself

And we sometimes wonder how could they have thought the world was flat?

Were they stupid?

No they just didn't want to listen to those who said that it was not true

And no we did not descend from apes nor did we all come out of Africa

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