Thursday, October 09, 2008

Beauty and you

You don´t think about it


How do you avoid all those images of beautiful people in the magazines on TV and in the movies?

It could give one a complex

Could unless of course you really think about it for a nanosecond

Few if any images appear without being touched up

No TV or film scenes are spontaneous all are shot several times

All are edited

In fact nothing is natural or spontaneous

All is image

An illusion created to entertain, shock or amuse

Part of a huge industry where little happens by chance

So let go silly airbrushed illusions

Besides it`s all on the outside

Real beauty is about what is on the inside

Real beauty is so rare

When we see it we can feel the energy of love

Beauty is not about ugly or greed

So when that beautiful shape is covering an ugly nature then see it for what it is

Learn that yes you too can be beautiful because it is not about cardboard people

It is about feeling love for life and others that truly becomes the beauty we admire

A human radiating love is truly beautiful

A cardboard beauty covering fear and greed is not

Determine to find your beauty it´s to be found on the inside

We all have the potential to be beautiful and yet so few choose to find it

Only after you find it on your inside will it be able to manifest outside

True beauty is something that we all admire
It is in all of us
Find yours

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