Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What a day

A day when suddenly you are reminded why

You love each other

Lost in the bustle and urgency of everyday life

We lose sight of what is important

We can lose sight of each other too

Lost in niggles about the irritating behaviour of our partner

Silly thoughts about he this or she that

Suddenly all these thoughts disappear

Enjoying each others company

Stress gone, time together, relaxing with pleasure in each others company

In our modern world this might happen by accident

It might but usually it does not

It requires the conscious recognition that you need time together

Time alone

Not at home usually too much routine intrudes

Not in a hurry either, although it is not about time
Pick a time where you can turn off the cell phone

A time where maybe you drive somewhere unknown

Where you can share novelty

Where you can unwind

Where the tensions disappear

Then yes the magic can emerge

The magic of love

The magic of affirmation for each other

Where you remember how important you are to each other
Where love can shine without others intruding

At this time mentally determine that you will find such times alone again

Make sure that your love can be affirmed in these special circumstances

Love needs nurturing

Don´t let it get lost in the needs and demands of everyday life

What a day it is when we find each other again

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