Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back to normal

Or so many left brain people seem to believe

Financial people all over the world relate what is going on in financial markets to what they know and what has happened before

In fact it is the only way they can think

Logically, mathematically, seriously predicting the unpredictable

In years to come and with hindsight they will tell us and try to have us believe that they knew how it would turn out

With hindsight it is always easy to rationalise and make the scenarios fit

This time however there are many more variables in play

It will be interesting to see how things unfold this time because no way is this like anything we know or have seen before

Because while logic has it's place

While precedents are useful

One lesson history gives over and over is that things do not always follow patterns

Patterns guide for many seasons and then nature changes things around

We are in one such period today

Things are not going to go back to how they were before

If they do then it is only a prelude to more change

Change is the order of the day and in our lives it will remain the dominant feature

Left brain thinking so prized in our modern world is not so useful in such times

Lateral thinking, holistic thinking is now needed

Right brain intuitive understanding

Intuitive or creative thinking has as much or more importance in these coming difficult times

Governments and organisations are not comfortable with such approaches

What is coming at us cannot be proven with graphs and logic

It is outside of the box

It is not known

No things cannot be proven

We can therefore expect a lot of mistakes to be made

A lot of people will get hurt

A lot will suffer

Because governments and large structures try to limit change and the unknown wherever possible

Unfortunately for them nature is not interested in what they think should happen

Nature is urging us to learn to handle change, to live with it
We have such a limited power to influence government or large organisations

Therefore focus on your individual freedom of action and learn to accept and welcome change

Even and particularly when you cannot see where it is leading

Can you trust?

Can you accept reality as it now is?

Time to learn

Back to normal is not so likely except as a prelude to more change

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