Monday, October 06, 2008

Can you see?

That your reality or what you assume to be reality is a perception

Just a perception

Your perception

Did you know that we all see colours differently?

That we experience taste differently?

Within wide parameters we can all agree that something is green or tastes of vanilla

Beyond these basic colours and tastes we vary hugely

Simply put our different perceptions are a function of our different consciousnesses

The more conscious we are the clearer our vision, our taste, our understanding

And here's the kicker the less honest, clean, clear, you are the more distorted your perceptions


The cleaner and more honest you are the better you can see nature as she really is

Gender also plays a role as we all know men and women see and notice things differently in any given situation

Apart from this it is our perceptions that matter

So the way forward is to reduce your perceptions of everything

Moving towards objective reality and away from perceptions

Accepting that life is process

Our work on a daily basis is to reduce our perceptions by checking that our understanding of everything around us is accurate

That we take the time to check out that our perceptions or ideas of things are accurate

Moving us towards greater relative truth

The more we can do this the greater the vibrancy of colour and subtlety of taste

In fact our appreciation of everything moves to a higher value

We begin to see that yes indeed we are responsible for what we see and taste

Dull consciousness = dull awareness and appreciation

Higher consciousness = higher awareness and appreciation

Of everything

This is your true evolutionary direction

Towards the light, greater light and higher consciousness

Literally the degree to which you replace your perceptions of everything with relative truth is the degree to which your consciousness allows you to see and understand nature
And by nature we mean everything

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Anonymous said...

WOW life is worth living! I love you Antony and Ljuba too! AA