Sunday, October 05, 2008

Today, now, in this life

You are witnessing and about to experience some of the greatest changes in recent history

We are all part of it

You can no longer shrug your shoulders and say it has nothing to do with me

You are living in a time of great changes

We would say at the beginning of further great changes

You are already being affected by these changes

Just feeling the faint stirrings of the storms to come

To be clear so that you can know exactly what we mean

Nature is increasingly unpredictable

Every part of the planet is experiencing what commentators like to call "unseasonable weather"

Everywhere all over the planet, ongoing all the time

This will continue and get more violent and unpredictable

A lot of the global warming talk is political and based on manipulated information, however it is real for many well known reasons and others possibly not so well known such as;

High sunspot activity, Siberian fresh water melt is increasing, methane release likely to increase

Then we have Arctic, Antarctic, Iceland and Greenland ice melt is higher than predicted only a short time ago

Increasing scarcity of water is becoming an issue in many parts of the world

Temperatures are rising in many places, the Amazon and other forest areas are being depleted faster than was thought

Crop failures are significant in many countries

The long term impact of GM modified soy is unknown, not only on animals and humans but on the environment

Many viruses are increasingly immune or resistant to allopathic drugs

Mankind is overdue for a deadly and opportunistic disease or plague such as airborne flu of a virulent strain

Vaccination programs are doing untold damage to the immune systems of young people

Male and female fertility is declining in many countries

Muslim extremism is likely to cause ongoing disruption and disturbance

Increasing controls on movement and freedom are psychologically damaging

Financial systems are under strain and likely to create more problems for the foreseeable future

Gross capitalism is increasingly unacceptable and also has no answers for many major issues

There are many other areas under strain the most significant of which is the poverty of modern life in terms of satisfaction and peace of mind

Where religion, politics, and the media have no answers society in many places is frustrated and increasingly likely to embrace extreme politics if only to shake the corrupt and complacent central parties

Owing to the power and influence of lobbies and special interest groups many laws and rules are not in the interests of the public

Greed being the current philosophy many situations are being abused to satisfy this greed, this is not possible to stop without the adoption of a more reasonable philosophy

Tensions must increase along with the increasing disparity of wealth

One could add many more elements however this is not the point of this comment rather it is to say change and yet more change is coming your way

When change is frequent and unavoidable it is smart to learn how to deal with change

The first step is to acknowledge that increasing change in modern life is a fact

Another step is to accept it and not to rail against it

Then why not look at the idea that whatever happens worrying does not help

And if worrying does not help then what does?

Having a philosophical view of life that says that life is a great experience is a good start

That you are here to learn is another along with a positive attitude

Consider that peace of mind protects better than anything else

And that peace of mind is acquired by getting rid of fears

Getting rid of fears means finding them, looking at them and letting them go

Letting go means accepting each day as it comes

Having an understanding that we have many many lives also helps as it removes the pressure of modern Christian teaching (not the same as the original) of one life and indefinite hell or heaven

Spiritual or vertical grow also leads to peace of mind

Change leads to new choices as well as enforced actions and responses

How are you responding to change?

Just following what others do?

Just waiting to see what happens?

Or are you taking your own actions?

What actions?

Whatever you choose life is not going to be the same
Cannot be the same again as too many variables are in motion
Consider your situation and take action where appropriate

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