Saturday, October 04, 2008

You are a liar

Ever said that to someone?

Probably as a child

Probably not as an adult

Maybe to your partner

Maybe not

Ever thought about yourself as a liar

Not something most of us do

Somehow we like to think of ourselves as being honest

Might be quite a shock if someone called us a liar

There are in public life so many liars today

No one is surprised when public figures lie

Their spin people seem quite proud about distorting the truth for a living

For individuals there is still shame in being called a liar

There are though many people who use our reticence to call them liars as a clear life strategy

People who lie and when caught out quickly shift to their back up "Oh you did not understand"

"Oh I never meant that"

"Oh I never said that"

If we are not careful we get swept up in their lies

Used by them until they move on having gained whatever it was they were after

Be clear that supporting liars because it seems easier than calling them liars has a price

Because we do not want to embarrass them

We might not get burnt the first time but for sure if we aquise then sooner or later we get burnt

When someone lies to you then have the courage to demur

Take issue with them don't go along with lies and distortions

Do not be embarrassed to say that's not correct

Many problems today are caused by people not saying clearly that something is not true

In these stressed times many think it easier to go along with the lie or distortion

Not so once you go down this road it is tough coming back again because it will always seem easier to agree or stay silent

Don't go there

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