Saturday, November 22, 2008


Is something of importance to many people
Most however have not thought about the basis or truth of their beliefs

We pick up our beliefs from our parents

Our society

Our culture

Some people accept information supporting narrow and specific beliefs.

Others invoke a more challenging and broad study of others or alternate beliefs across many cultures and traditions.

A small minority of people are able to live without drawing automatic conclusions.

The human mind has been shown to prefer certainty, over uncertainty, even if these assumptions are unverifiable.

This phenomena results when people are often forced to make either "for or against" choices. In a polarized world of so-called binary choices (either/or), this is more common in time of stress (war, panic, etc).

Proclaimed belief is often found to be mandatory for group affiliation and "official" membership with specific conversion rites.

In many cases, people bolster a personal belief, in which they are emotionally involved, attempting to resolve directly experienced contradictions.

Creative rationalizations are produced to reduce doubts.

Human imagination serves as the catalyst for the creation, modification and perpetuation of belief.

People often believe merely what they wish to be true and fortify this stance in their mind, no matter how much it stands in direct opposition to their experiential life.

We hold on to beliefs even when overwhelming evidence exists to challenge those beliefs

This might not be dangerous in stable comfortable times however in times of stress and fear this can be dangerous

Dangerous to our health and well being

Beliefs based on dubious evidence become more dangerous as the times get more insecure

Think about your beliefs and let go of those that no longer sit well with you

These times are meant for letting go of dodgy beliefs

For finding lightness in difficult times let go of dodgy beliefs

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