Friday, November 21, 2008

Modern morality

Is something that guides our behaviour throughout life

Something we seldom consciously think about

It does seem time that we did look at it again though as public behaviour is getting lost in lies, spin and downright immoral behaviour
Maybe it was ever thus however with modern media it is more and more public and in our faces

Governments no less than individuals have often used the excuse of some immoral behaviour being OK because it is in the public interest

Spies, Jesuits and others often say that the end justifies the means

We take issue with this and state that Government behaviour influences personal behaviour
And vica versa
The example of lying government ministers denying their lies is not a very edifying sight
Politicians seem to feel that lying is fine so long as they do not get caught
We do not

We observe that the more a society conducts it's affairs in private the more it tends to lie

The more it lies the more it opens that society to abuse

The obverse is also true

The more open a society the better it is able to contain greed and the unwise use of power

Example is everything in public and personal life

Pubic life is demanding

We can observe that modern life is complex

That issues have many points of view

That special interest groups are often highly organised and have immense power

This power usually being conducted in private, away from the public gaze

And the media?
In many countries supine

In others controlled

Yet others special interest groups bring their power to bear influencing what is written or shown

Indeed most of our media is controlled or influenced by different groups be they political or business

But then we have the Internet

Again in some countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China and others it is controlled

Even where it is not controlled it is monitored

From Russia to the US and UK all communications are routinely monitored

Back to morality

Where bad or immoral behaviour is not challenged it continues

It grows because this is the natural dynamic of greed

So examine your own morality

Examine that of your culture and country

Take time to join Avaatz or other like organisations

We all need to spend a little of our energy defending and promoting good behaviour

Morality is worth defending

It will not survive greed without our all becoming involved

This is a fight worth joining

Not just for your society

But also for your own soul

Morality is not just a word

Morality is essential for individuals and societies alike

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