Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Disappearing traces

The civilisation of Egypt, and especially its learning was quite as great as that of the later Atlanteans, and in one direction, at any rate, far superior to that of present Europeans

And yet, while its imperishable monuments in stone etc, monoliths, its Sphinx and statutes, and its pyramids with a number of Sarcophagi full of papyri and yielding evidences of a later civilisation already degenerating and on the wane, is being daily excavated,

where are the traces of its earlier and far more remote glory, where the records of that civilisation which made Baron Bunsen say

......................and yet the land of Egypt has never been carried down into the depths of the Ocean bed

Nor has it been covered, owing to the repeated earthquakes which have convulsed over and over again that sandy bed upon which the ill fated Poseidonis was plunged in its last physical sleep - until the soil was reduced for ages after into a slimy mud slowly sucking in the last remnants of that civilisation

Nevertheless, owing ever to the yearly increase, amounting but to a few inches in a century - of alluvium brought down by the Nile, the old Hapimu, the traces of the oldest Egyptian civilisation, one that was as superior to the latest or the one with which the Egyptologists claim acquaintance with, as your own is now superior to that of Tibet - is hidden for ever from the knowledge of your sub races

How many millenniums have rolled over pyramids surpassing the present ones, each millennium throwing its 50 to 60 inches of earth over entombed ruined cities, still older Sphinxes and palaces, it is for you - the latest conquerors to calculate

Dig deeper and deeper into the sand and slime of the ages and perchance you may find, and then cast and sum up your figures

No, it is not supposed but rather known to a certainty that your present European civilisation which has been Cyclopes, though it may have finer and more elaborate works to boast of, will be destroyed as well; for such is the invariable law of nature

And it is far easier for a conflagration to devour without leaving any trace behind telegraphic and
electric works, railways and theatre buildings, ephemeral newspapers and books, restaurants and gin palaces than it was for the flood or inundation to destroy any of the seven world wonders and labyrinths, Semiramidiean gardens and colossus of Rhodes as well as old indestructible papyri and parchments - nevertheless and time and the elements have performed the task to a perfection

The present arts are doomed to perish long before the final catastrophe to make room for more perfected arts, as the old harpsichord, the clavichord and clavecin disintegrated to make room for the modern piano, the old viola for the violin, and some of the arts and sciences of Egypt, Rome, and Chaldea far superior to the present, are now lost to be revived at future ages

As to languages, without entering upon a useless controversy with your philologists who can find no traces of the Sanskrit before a miserable couple of thousand years before your era, they are respectfully asked to surmise what was the language of the learned Atlanteans?

The Adepts say that the older Sanskrit and what is now called Tamil are the true old languages of humanity

We know so little of what came before two thousand years or so ago and when we do find something tend to deny that it is so
.Why do we have fear of the idea that there have many advanced civilisations before our own?
One day maybe we will think also about why when anything is discovered that is quite obviously and clearly older than we can explain we immediately invent reasons why this cannot be so
As we have said before the great pyramid is over 75,000 years old, however we cannot accept this because to do so calls everything else into question
Particularly our history which is not as we understand it to be today
Our history is much older and more fascinating than we can imagine

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