Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Popular ideas

About how consciousness arises do not often engage our attention

Maybe they should because without consciousness we have zilch, nothing
Nothing at all

Materialists say that consciousness magically arises once the organisation of matter reaches a certain level of complexity

If this were really the case then this would make of consciousness a mere epiphenomenon

An abstract quality of property, having no reality in itself

And how we might wonder can a mere property of matter move and guide matter?

As it must do if we have any real free will

Which we clearly do

Subjectively, consciousness means awareness

Awareness of sensation

And it is utterly mysterious

It cannot be reduced to anything else

Or explained in terms of anything else

It is the ultimate reality

As such it is far more than awareness

It is the very awareness

The very substance of existence

Consciousness, life and substance are an inseparable trinity

Anyway you look at it consciousness is an amazing mystery at the heart of all for us

And yet we cannot even define it

Let alone know how it arises

So when you finish reading this a thought for you

Consciousness is nature's way of looking at nature

And we are part of nature

And where does that lead you?

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