Monday, November 10, 2008

Whatever it is

I am against it

If it is good then I am against it

I am looking for peace and this might create conflict

I do not wish to be challenged in my ideas

I am totally fixed in what I believe in

We all know some people like this

Totally utterly fixed in their ideas

Unwilling to listen to anything that disturbs their perceptions

Their beliefs fixed too

No flex at all

Often they make us angry


Time to grow beyond

Know that a higher consciousness can always understand a lower consciousness

A lower consciousness cannot understand a higher

Know this and you are free to feel compassion instead of anger or frustration

Free to see why this person is locked into limited beliefs
And as you grow this vision and understanding of others grows with you
After a while the opinions and beliefs of others will not affect you
In this way you become wiser and more tolerant
Way to go!

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