Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mmmmm - 60

No religion can prove by, practical scientific demonstration that there is a personal God

while the esoteric philosophy, or rather theosophy of Gautama Buddha and Sankarancharya prove and give means to every man to ascertain the undeniable presence of a living God in man himself

whether one believes in or calls his divine in dweller Avalokitewara, Buddha, Brahma, Krishna, Jehovah, Bhagawan, Ahura-mazda, Christ or by whatever name -

There is not such God outside of himself

The former - the one ideal outsider - can never be demonstrated - the latter, under whatever appellation, may always be found present if a man does not extinguish within himself the capacity to perceive this divine presence, and hear the voice of that only manifested deity, the murmurings of the eternal Vach called by the northern and Chinese Buddhist

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