Saturday, November 08, 2008

Old teachings

Have come down to us in a very distorted form

To the point where few make much sense

Or the sense they make has been created by the scholar or translator

And this is for the simple reason that modern scholars and commentators have never had the keys
What can any modern scholar know of the secret or esoteric canon of interpretations?

By the term canon is meant that key, which was only ever communicated orally from mouth to ear

from the Master to the disciple, or by the hierophant to the candidate for initiation

This from time immemorial throughout a long series of ages, during which the inner - not public - Mysteries were the most sacred institution of every land

Without such a key no correct interpretation of either the dialogue of Plato or of any Scripture, from the Vedas to Homer, from the Zend-Avesta to the Mosaic Books is possible

Hence we have no correct or true understanding of any of these or other great works

Pity really

However they are never lost, only hidden

The true meanings will be made open, if and when humanity deserves or qualifies itself for such knowledge

A further simple thought is that Orpheus, Confucius, Socrates, Ammonius, Porphyry and Jesus himself committed nothing to writing - ever

Instead he communicated his most important doctrines to persons duly instructed and disciplined,

imposing on them the obligations of secrecy as was done before him by Zoroaster and Pythagoras

Consequently we can see that when people say the Bible or other writing says x y or z they are merely quoting what someone, often unknown has written,

It cannot be the whole truth because the truth is never shared except orally from Master to pupil

The truth is never written except under hidden keys for the simple reason that great teachings are not for an undeserving public

So when commentators and scholars claim something to be the truth or an accurate understanding think twice before believing

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