Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling safe

Are you?

What does that mean exactly feeling safe?

When life seems fine

No trouble in your life

Enough money to get by

No relationship problems

Work is going OK

That probably leads us to feeling safe

Or does the state of the world economy

Global warming intrude?

Or do you push that aside as you cannot do anything about it?

Probably the later

Trouble is though that we are all wired in to what is going on around us

We might block it out, push it away

Not so easy when more and more people are out of work

Your own company or organisation is thinking about what it can do to survive

Downsizing is the rumour

Sales are falling

Production cutbacks are coming

And so it goes on

If you keep listening to the news and gossip around you it can get pretty discouraging

Take responsibility for yourself and what you listen to

No more or less, cut out the bad, focus on the good

If you have your health then this is worth more than anything else in life so appreciate this

Consciously enjoy it by feeding yourself with appreciation for what you have

Not what you don't

Make the best contribution you can at work

Then learn to leave work problems at work

Learn to let them go after doing the best you can and enjoy life
Feeling safe is not about having things or money

Feeling safe is about how we feel about life

Sure having this 'n that can help but it does not answer that feeling inside

That feeling changes as we let go of our fears and only then do we see life as an amazing process

How we experience every day starting with when we wake up

Choose to smile with the thought of the day in front

Choose to enjoy thoughts of going to work, a time alone to be enjoyed whether in car, bus or train

Not as a drudge not as a negative experience

It is how we choose to experience life that makes it safe or not

Fears and worries prevent us from feeling safe

Safety is not in armed guards

Safety is about not taking ourselves so seriously

Feeling safe is free the only cost is letting go of fears

Recognising that life will turn out as it will

Not being fatalistic but recognising how we feel about it makes the difference

Feeling safe is in part about letting go, choosing to feel good about life

The other part is about contributing doing things for others

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