Monday, December 01, 2008

Some wives

Spend all their time organising and interfering with their daughters or sons lives

Their adult children, grown women and men that is

Often these children are married too

This phenomenon is sadly not unusual

Women who live their lives interfering or dominating

They have little time for the other party in their child's relatioinship

They know best

Interfering in every choice and decision

Sadest of all is that often the children will defend their mother's right to be involved in their lives this way

Children who chose long ago to avoid confrontation with their mothers

Later rationalising that this is normal and fine

Imposiing this on their relationship with their partner often unaware until it is too late

Then wondering why their relationship is under pressure and not much fun

Wondering why

Sometimes just sometimes they see what is going on through their partner and can taker steps to create and lead their own lives

Imagine how many women have ruined their childrens lives in this way

Just selfish interference and control of other peoples lives is their thing
Some women find this fine
If this is your experience of mummy then think again
Is this what you are here for?

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