Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Taking responsibility

For themselves is something that many people try to avoid

Blaming others for any misfortune

For anything that goes wrong in their lives

Expecting doctors to fix their health

Expecting others to anticipate problems

And so the list goes on

Facing ourselves is not easy

It requires us to acknowledge our weaknesses

Our failures

So in most cases we do not

We find ways to avoid and bury the inconvenient

Not such a good idea now, if indeed it ever was


Because nature is shaking us up

No longer may we hide these things

Try if you want however be warned

Change is the order of the day in anything you look at

And this means in your life too

Decide to be ready for this in your life

Clean out your bad habits

Come clean about your faults

While it might take effort

Believe us that if you don't then nature will make you
And this is likely to be much harder and tougher than if you do so voluntarily yourself

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