Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Core or basic beliefs

Life is a struggle

There is not enough

Love hurts

Life is Painful:

Life is hard

I am not loved.

I am not worthy

These are all core or basic beliefs

Beliefs that drive and govern our lives

Most of us have one of the above as a core or basic belief

And this one belief has molded and guided our life

Probably still does

And guess what until and unless you look at this one belief you cannot be free

Free to lead your life without everything you say, do or hear being influenced by this one belief

Powerful stuff

Yes and more than this your ability to function is distorted through this one belief

This one belief whichever it is is not the truth

It is your belief

To live life under such a belief is not clever

Once we see this then the next step is to examine why we believe this belief to be so
And for sure this is not an easy thing to do
We are used to our way of seeing things
It is not nice to consider that our life has been distorted by this one belief
Wasted maybe
Many will choose to carry on and try to ignore the signs that things are not really as we pretend they are
Tough choice because while it looks like the easier option at the time it is not
Nature does not let us go through life pretending
Sooner or later nature will stop you
Force you to consider what you are doing
If we are listening then we can choose to change

Then we can begin to dismantle this belief

Let it go release it

Letting go of such a core or basic belief is a huge freedom

It allows us to examine other ideas

About ourselves and our lives

To examine other ideas, other ways of being

To search for the truth of things

And yes there is a truth beyond and above our beliefs

Living life locked into beliefs is very restricting

Living life in truth is pretty awesome

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Alexandra said...

I think as soon as I was able to think coherently I wanted to know the truth about things. Today at 44, I can say as much that I do not know the truth, yet I am getting rid of what is not true. So I can honestly say that I am living my dreams from what I set out to do at about the age of 7.
So yes, life is pretty awesome!!!
And you too :)!!!