Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why am I here?

You are here because you are on a journey

You and everyone else here on Planet Earth

Humanity is half way through its 4.3 billion year journey from the absolute down into dense matter and then back up into the absolute again

You are here to learn, to experience

You are here to grow

In each life we have one or two major lessons to learn

If we learn them we move on

If we do not learn them we do them over again and again until we do

Nature has plenty of time

We have plenty of lives

You create your own karma by the choices you make

By the thoughts you think

Secondarily by the actions you take

Yes thoughts are primary and actions secondary

And all your thoughts and actions literally create the life you are experiencing now and those you will experience in the future

No one else but you creates what you experience

You might want to blame the life you are experiencing on this and that, but the truth is that karma is accurate and it is you that creates what you experience

So just be the best you can every day in whatever comes your way

That's all

And if you do that then life by life you become more conscious

Until one life you see why you are here in great clarity

You realize that life is about growing from me to we

That it is all about moving from being selfish, self centered, thoughtless greedy consumers

To beings who care for each other as they would hope to be cared for themselves

Finally realizing that the Masters had been right all along and that we are truly all one

In a way that suddenly makes sense

And that serving others is what you want to spend your lives doing

Helping others to grow so that they can find this truth for themselves

That is why you are here

That is why we are here


Alexandra said...

last night I talked on skype to an old fiend of mine, with whom I had not talked or seen in 13 years, until 3am. He asked on advice. I told him meditate 5 minutes each morning ad read this blog each day for the next week. Then we talk again. Ad he will find this one to start with. WOW.
Life, I do not know what to say but yes we are all one.

Antony said...

Was that a Freudian slip "an old FIEND of mine"?

Good to hear from you!

Alexandra said...

yes, so it was :)!