Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bush Presidency

Can you believe it!

The Bush Presidency is probably the most successful in history


It's true not the most unsuccessful in history as many people might think but quite possibly the most successful, by their own private agenda that is of course

Never have so many controls been forced and imposed upon the American people or those of so many other countries by any one American administration

Since 9/11 the Bush administration has imposed more far reaching controls on its citizens than under any other previous administration

Controls that take away basic freedoms

Controls that are unlikely to be removed

Controls that lead towards further invasive controls

Controls that have already changed all of our lives

All in the name of fighting terrorism

Funny thing 9/11

When you look at how the twin towers fell, some speed, pretty tidy too

Not many concrete pieces just lots and lots of dust

Molten steel in the basement

No major bone fragments either

That other WTC building number 7, no hit, not much debris, and down it went, smooth fast fall too

Or the alleged plane that hit the Pentagon but left little debris and manged to fit through a small hole in the wall, sadly so few photos from the myriad surveillance cameras around one of the world's most highly protected buildings

That and a lot more curious aspects of 9/11

This is the true legacy of the Bush administration

Oh and a couple of wars and financial meltdown

Thank you President Bush

Have you any idea what you have done?


Did you and your team truly believe that?

Sad people

And yet

There is always a "and yet"

The current financial and economic situation is beyond the control of any one group

So maybe just maybe all those ideas of control and domination will not turn out as planned

We will see

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