Friday, December 12, 2008

Just smarter that's all

To have people liking you

Some might be jealous

Some just angry people

Some preoccupied with their own lives and problems

Quite a lot are in this category

But most will be open to how they find you

And how will they find you?

Take a moment to think honestly about how you come across

Look in the mirror, how do you come across?

If this can be worked on then do so

Not just your face but also your body language has an impact upon others

How is yours?

Again if this can be improved then work on it

Now we get to the more important but maybe subtle points

How you feel also influences others

We sense how others feel

So if you are angry then for sure we feel this

More subtly though it is your natural energy profile that we feel

One of enjoying life or is life a burden and struggle?

Most of us do not want other peoples problems

Even when these are unstated and hidden we feel this

So to have others like you more work on this area

How you truly feel about life

Sham enthusiasm comes through as just that, false
So time to learn how to feel good about every day even when things are going pear shape
How to feel good when people are not so nice to you
Yes it can be done and the rewards of feeling good inside are much greater than most other things you can do
It's the energy you project
And the energy you project comes from inside
After a while seeing life through positive eyes makes you become what you truly are deep down inside
A very likable human being
It's just smarter that's all


Alexandra said...

pear shaped....!!!! :):):)????:):):)

Antony said...

An English expression meaning funny or odd shape