Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fashion in beliefs

Are quite as prevalent as fashion in clothes and makeup

We just don't pay much attention

Here are a few current ones

That the Moon was once part of the Earth

That Mars once had life on it

That life is a one off event

There is no real purpose to life

That you go to heaven or hell depending on your behaviour in this life

That we descended from apes or monkeys

That we all came out of East Africa

That we all descended from one woman

And there are many others

Of the above only the idea that there was life on Mars is true the others are fashionable beliefs which like most fashions will disappear or be superseded over time

What fashionable beliefs do you subscribe to?

Ever thought about how much they shape what you experience?

Your beliefs influence everything you think about

Just check them out

Do they feel right?

Do they resonate with your heart?

Do they feel true?

If not then have a look

Find the time and courage to let go of those that just don't seem right

Life feels better when we are clearer about what is true for us

For ourselves alone that is others have the right to believe whatever they want to

Those fashionable beliefs shape our lives

Many of them need examination

Better to leave fashion for the fashionistas

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