Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When times change

When times become more difficult

Suddenly things that had been obscured become visible

Things like competence

Like the greed of modern government

The relentless encroachment of government into more and more areas that used to be private

Raising taxes without cease

Indirect and direct taxes in most countries

And only as it becomes clear that money is in short supply is there any hint

That maybe just maybe government itself is the problem

Governments delving ever deeper into the lives of their citizens

Not an area left where permits and controls are not mandatory

Not a branch where savings could not be made

Not an area where productivity could not be improved

And yet government is the first to tell its citizens that they must tighten their belts

That they will have to pay more

Yes maybe but let them lead the way

Let government tighten it's belt too

Enough of poor performance by government

Time to note where you can make your concern felt

Then act once an avenue of dissent appears

Government is too big

Too intrusive

Too unaccountable

Too corrupt

Time to find your voice

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