Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dealing with death

Not an easy subject for many

The loss of a loved one or member of your family

Close friends, work colleagues, old school friends maybe

Is going to be your experience

We will all experience the death of people we know

In the western world death is an uncomfortable subject

One we mumble about

Don’t talk about

Seldom thinking clearly about how death can be totally reasonable and appropriate

Death is often the best outcome for those who cannot lead a normal healthy life

Yet we imply that hanging on to life in any shape or form is better than dying


Confusion about death or is it easier to avoid debate and argument about an emotive subject?

Every person has a personal quantity of life energy and once that is used up then death is inevitable

In many cases death has to be preferable to hanging on in pain or without properly functioning faculties

If we understand that death is fine and is merely a transition to another state then maybe we could be more comfortable with death

Death is only the end of the physical body and personality

The individuality lives on

Every human knows clarity at the moment of death

Despite appearances sometimes to the contrary

There is overwhelming research in this area stating that the gateway to death is warm and attractive

Fear is not an issue for those who have had near death experiences

Most if not all come back into life with a new understanding, less fear and a new feeling of belonging

They have a new found peace of mind as a result of their near death experiences

Death as seen by those who believe in one life only with nothing coming after it must find the idea of death troubling

Big black hole

Finita la musica, gone finished

For these people indeed death is a tough idea the older they get

An idea though not supported by evidence about the subject

So for those who believe death is the end of everything please look further

For those who think that we have one life then go to heaven or hell depending on our performance in life also think for a second

Heaven for ever and ever?

How long is ever and ever?

A million years, a billion?

And what is heaven?

Sitting around with people who you could not stand in life for more than a few hours or days at the most, every day for a billion years?

Hell for ever and ever, no redemption possible for a billion or a trillion years

No too childish

Too mindless

Any God worthy of the name must hold out something a bit smarter than these childish ideas

If not for us then for herself

These simplistic ideas of the hereafter might have been fine for earlier and superstitious times

Maybe not even then because all major religions had teachings for the initiates and inner groups that taught karma and reincarnation

Death under these teachings is merely a transition to rest and assimilate what we have learnt in this life

So the subject of death is useful to get clear about because it can remove the psychological fears about the subject

If we are comfortable with death for ourselves then for certain we can feel more comfortable about the death of others

Death is part of human experience

Death is something we will all experience

Death is something our family and friends will experience

It is common to all of us

Smarter to understand what it is and how it works

And yes death is fine once we understand what it is

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