Friday, December 19, 2008

Confused thoughts

In the meantime though the devil hovers around

The devil Is not generally believed to be real by modern humans

Modern educated humans like to dismiss the devil as old superstition

The devil is in your imagination they say

On the other hand black magic is accepted by many as being very real

Even if they are rather hazy about what it means

Back magic is considered to be very real by the peoples of many countries, particularly those of Africa, South America and Asia

Black magic has more power where people believe in it

The most common use of black magic is to bring bad luck or a curse upon your enemies

So black magic also hovers around on the edge of peoples consciousness

Superstition likewise is found all over the world

Football players crossing themselves as they run onto the pitch

Rituals performed by many before they embark upon certain activities

No thirteenth floor in many American buildings and so the list goes on

So we have this mish mash of ideas and beliefs ranging from the devil to black magic to superstition

And how does it really work?

Where there are men there is both the good and bad use of energy

And yes there is evil where there are men

There is also white magic, which is the use of power or energy for altruistic and compassionate purposes and never for personal gain by the practitioner

Black magic is the use of power or energy for purely selfish ends

Just as there are those who work for destructive ends there are those who work for creative altruistic objectives

Nature supports both destruction and creation,, the dove is no more favoured than the hawk

In other words nature operates through the duality of creation and destruction

Only difference is that love started our evolutionary journey, a loving impulse which will prevail at the end of our Manvantara or active cycle

The use of destruction or the selfish use of energy is unfortunately very prevalent in our selfish times

Less thought about is that black magic is consciously used by many to achieve their selfish ends

Even negative thoughts are evil when they wish harm upon another

What is less known is that those that use black magic ultimately pay a very high price

So in a real sense the devil exists inside all selfish people who think or act in a way that harms or hurts other humans

The greatest achievement of the devil or higher black magicians was to create confusion about this subject

Yes the use of black magic is more common than many people realise today

The fight is real and is inside all of us whenever we have bad thoughts and wish ill on another

This is the journey of humanity to become conscious of evil and to overcome it on both the personal and global levels

The fight is manifestly global when we witness leaders and their followers who knowingly abuse and kill other humans for usually trivial selfish ends

And on a daily local level it is when you think bad thoughts about another person

This is the fight for all of us on a personal and global level to rid ourselves of evil

And you, are you conscious of this?

Do you admit to your own devil, the evil inside you?

The fight is real
How is your personal fight going?

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