Thursday, December 18, 2008

Standard illusion

Is where humans believe that money will bring happiness

And if not buying into that idea then most believe that more money will certainly help

Looking more closely at the lives of the rich and famous might help people to see that this is not true either

A certain paranoia sets in as people obtain more money

The fear that someone will take it from them

The fear that they might lose it

And once having insight into their lives we find that they are dealing with exactly the same issues as those without money

Nothing really changed except the shifting of focus goes more to health and non monetary issues

Issues that affect all humans

So it probably is true that money does not bring happiness

Witness the ruined lives of so many lottery winners

It is still our standard illusion that more money will certainly help

How much more is relative to what we have already

The problem with this as anyone who has had a raise knows that sooner than you thought you are back to square one wanting just that bit more

And so our lives flash by with us busily projecting how life would be better if only we had a bit or a lot more

The evidence is all around us that this is not the solution to finding happiness in our lives

Having more does not do much more than offer a temporary respite

Something else needs addressing

If money is not the answer then time to stop thinking about it

Any fixation is not healthy and one that obsesses about money is dangerous.


Because any one who wants money will be given just that by nature


They will experience wanting and then more wanting, it never stops

And this as those who continue wanting money can tell you is not really so pleasant

Let go of standard illusions

Try living for today without thoughts of money

The standard illusion is just that an illusion

Wake to other values and interests

Take time out to learn about things you have never looked at

Companionship and better communication are good areas to investigate

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