Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Is possible to find

There is such a thing

At our level of evolution it will be relative truth rather than absolute truth as most of us are not ready or able to handle absolute truth

Here is a truth our lives are not random

Another is that we create our own lives each and every one of us
Our behaviour today determining what comes in future and what we do and think in this life determines what we will be and experience in the next

We come into each life to learn a major lesson

This life therefore is for you to learn something important

Something which will allow your next life to be more profound

More conscious

If you do not learn your lessons then you keep being born into the same or similar life situations until you do

Nature has plenty of patience

Each life is designed to allow us to make choices

Choices which determine what comes next

So if you are down or your life seems unbearably difficult a thought

We have what we need to grow available to us at each and every second of our lives

Not what we might want but what we need

Meaning that however bad things are nature gives us what we need at that moment

Your life might not feel very profound or serious in it's contribution

However this is not for us to judge

Accept that your life is as it is and that you will use it to be the best you can each and every day.

Once you do it will resonate with your heart

The truth is available to all of us

Whatever our lives bring it is better to face this in truth rather than in illusion

Truth is lacking in many areas of our modern world in politics, business, religion and yes personal lives

Maybe you are economical with the truth yourself, know this though the truth is the only way to grow or go forward

Truth needs effort and honesty to find and when you do then you feel it resonating in your heart

Truth is something we can all feel if we open our hearts and let judgements go

Judgement so often gets in the way

Truth is more important than many would have us believe today

There is nothing higher than truth
Try testing that thought
No religion, nothing is higher than truth
Because once you start leading your life in truth then so many modern fads and distractions lose their power over you
Indeed much of the breathless importance of modern life and media hype looks very foolish and empty
Values of a different kind assume more importance
The truth leads us into a calmer clearer world
One where we lead our lives by higher values, those of the ageless wisdom if you will

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.....a stars way of looking at stars.....