Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That Question

Is often raised in our seminars about why we do not remember previous lives

Simply put it would not help

Today you cannot remember many days from this life either

Don't believe me?

What did you do on the 1st of July 2001 at 1400hrs in the afternoon?

Are you kidding!

No just making the point that remembering what you did at that time is not important

Where and how you learnt lessons yes the impact of these stay with you and are important because they change or modify your behaviour

That's what is important

And in each new life these tendencies are with you as well

Which is why some children like this and others that

Some just know how to do things while their siblings have no clue

Some love music and easily pick up instruments, while others easily understand mathematics

Some behave like this and others like that

All this means that in this life you represent the essence of your experiences in previous lives

You represent all that you have learnt in previous lives

When it is your time to incarnate this influences the family you choose

The family you choose is perfect one for giving you the start you need

The start you need to face the major lessons you have come to learn in this incarnation

This family might not be the most loving or pleasant

However it will be the one you need in order to make the best start in life for those lessons

An example will suffice

If in your last life you were a drunkard and beat your children

Then in this life you could be in a family where you are beaten by a drunken father

All of us will experience these different lessons over our many many lives

Looking at the past history of human behaviour on this planet it is clear that many people are going to experience difficult lives

Indeed this is so

That another very good reason why you cannot remember details

It would not help


Alexandra said...

What about the new brain each body gets, so can not retain the things from the brain in the last? And where is the overall seed-atom located? And the overall memory is in the seed-atom as well? Or is it within the higher being at all times? If one gets closer to the higher self, then will one remember more and more, and not just the sense of knowing things? But really as a certainty? Like love, an overall certainty in ones memory, for ex?

Antony said...

The new brain does not contain specific memories from the previous brain because it is just that a new brain. It does carry the sum total of attributes from the previous brain just as you do today in your current brain
First seed atom is located in the top left ventricle of the heart
No all over the body and in the higher being