Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Years of our life

Our years rushing by one after another
Sliding by, disappearing into the black hole behind us
Can you even remember them?
One from another that is, or do you just remember one or two significant years?
Bet you do
This challenging year 2008 how did you do?
Did you achieve what you set out to do?
Question are you feeling good now or slightly mad or sad?
And what are you going to do next year?
More of the same
Just see what comes along maybe
You can try however nature will probably thwart this lack of intent
With effort though the difficult year 2009 can be better than many
And yes of course 2009 will be a challenge for many if not all of us

Most years with 9 in them are challenging, don't believe me then look back

Maybe a nice thing to decide upon is not to beat yourself up!

Take a little time find just three things you did well in 2008

Three things that made you feel good

Three things you did for others

Three things that went wrong, and what happened as a result

What can you learn from them?

Let go of 2008 with thanks

It's gone for better or worse

Hold on to the good things let go of the bad

Appreciate what you have

Decide to live 2009 to the max whatever comes your way

These times are where we find out about ourselves

Whatever your choices we wish you well

Have a good one!

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