Thursday, January 01, 2009


Is likely to be a challenging year for most of us

Lots of stress

Lots of grey

Lots of bullshit in the media

So why not take a vacation?

A vacation from your worries that is

One way to do this is to change your way of life

In fact maybe the only really successful way to handle present conditions is to change your way of life

Move your head from worrying about everything to living in this moment now

It is the only safe place to put yourself anywhere else and worry will pummel you

The year is likely to be tough for most

And yet we will still get out of bed to face every day

Its how we do this that will make the year OK or not

Keeping our self respect is another important item if things go down the tubes

Self respect is just that keeping our feeling of being OK with ourselves

Not the big things

Keep doing the little things they are more important

Being King Kong is not what it is about

Being nice to yourself and others whatever the situation is what it is about

Keep exercising, keep your place clean, clean you shoes

Little things to others but important to our self respect when we are down

Make 2009 OK whatever comes your way

It is your choice really whatever comes along

Can't see a thing in our lives right now

No illusions of security to hold on to

However life feels good because that is how we choose to see it

And you?

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