Friday, January 09, 2009

Context is all

Maybe maybe not however context surely has a major impact on everything

When we look at our lives we see how context has played a major role in our experience of life

Without context we understanding things differently
An example or two

A sports team knowing it has lost the championship does not try very hard

Another team knowing it can win the championship plays above itself and wins
You have no pressure on holiday you sleep better

You are in love the world seems a nicer more interesting place
You see your friend kissing someone you are unhappy

You find out it is his sister you relax

You just got a rise in salary life seems good

You get an unexpected tax demand life losses its lustre

The world economic crisis and companies going out of business certainly creates a new context

So much of what we experience is influenced by context

Context changes everything

If you go along with that then how about your life?

If you believe that life is a one off random event with a big nothing at the end of it

Then for sure as you get older the pressure mounts as the big nothing approaches

It can also influence how you approach your major life decisions

On the other hand if you believe that you are going to heaven to sit around eating grapes strumming a harp then again your feelings about life are different from the idea of going to hell

Your understanding of the context is the variable in many situations

For our lives the context is much more important than we think

How we look at our life determines so much

It influences, often dictates how we experience it

Having an understanding of your life context is therefore pretty powerful

Knowing the truth more so

Leaving aside myths and popular cultural fantasies the truth of how our world and everything in works can be summed up in two words

Karma and reincarnation

They are our context in this life

They govern and explain everything unlike many other philosophies which offer confusing ideas that do not stand up to scrutiny and cannot explain so much that niggles us

Karma the law of cause and effect is also known as the law of harmony

Reincarnation the vehicle by which we learn

If this resonates with you then be clear what you do here matters

Every thought every action

Is governed by karma

What you think now determines what you will experience in the future

And this is fine because now you have a clear context

Life is different because death need have no fear as it is merely a transition from one state to another

Life itself is clear and changes any need to compete with others for status or fame
Because the real judgement is in ourselves about ourselves

Life assumes a different perspective when you know you will have many many lives

And no once born a human you do not come back as an animal as some erroneously believe

You might and will come back in difficult circumstances if you refuse to learn or behave badly

Essentially for most of us each life presents new challenges, all moving us towards greater altruism and less selfishness

Knowing this context allows us to see that we are part of an amazing journey

We belong

We have a right to be here

And this makes more sense than having no clue about anything

Indeed the whole structure of life makes sense when we understand the context

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