Thursday, January 08, 2009

Belief vs ideas

A belief does not change

Cannot change

An idea can change

Sometimes does change

Semantics you might say

Sadly not

Why sadly?

Because we have so many beliefs most of which we have never even looked at

Whether it is about race, black and white

Sex, male, female, homosexual, transsexual

Religion, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew

Nation, Americans, Russians, Israel, Palestine

And there are so many more

For sure you have at least one belief about something listed above

And this belief colours your life

It influences what you read, watch and listen to

It is so much easier to listen and watch people who think as you do

Unfortunately things don't change much until our politicians have reason to believe that we are fed up or no longer accept a particular belief about something

Try Israel and the Palestinians

What is your belief about this subject?

Whatever it is it shapes your world view

It influences so many things from the so called war on terror, to oil, to money

Not your usual article on this subject and why is this?

Can it be that people's beliefs might be disturbed?

Examine your beliefs they matter to you and to others because how we feel about something can influence what happens

So check out your beliefs not just about Israel and the Palestinians but about other things too

Time to embrace ideas and let go of your beliefs maybe?

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