Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Have you ever thought

Ever thought that

Buddha, Brahma, Christ and all the other great Masters all know each other?

Of course they do

Once they left their physical bodies and the constraints that govern human life they are individuality's who are also one with each other

So of course they not only know each other they work together, are together

Experience the all together

While you are thinking about that

Can we really believe that they approve or condone what humans do in their names?

No they do not
Not for one moment do they condone what is being and taught in their names

So why don’t they intervene?


All of us are subject to the law or rule of karma

Neither they nor we should interfere in another’s karma

At our human level though we should always try to help our fellow man

At their level it is only in extreme situations that any or all of them intervene

This rule of karma is not just for individuals

It also affects families, clans, countries all of which have their own karma

So little or no outside help, it is down to us

This has been so since humans were given free will

We are responsible for what happens to us

We created the karma we experience today

And what we do today creates what we will experience in the future

And no there are very few accidents

Everything has a reason whether or not we wish to acknowledge this

And yes all the Masters care

They have other work to do to support us

Those that come down to earth from time to time all teach the same message

A message of love and compassion

Teachings of individual responsibility

Teachings clearly saying, no churches, no priests, no effigies

Far from what religions preach and practice today

The differences we see today are the changes made by priests

Consider if all the Masters know each other then what does this say about religion?

Particularly as preached and practised in our modern world

Division, petty back biting and refusal to accept each other let alone work with each other

Take on board the idea that you are responsible for your own evolution

No church or priest may absolve you

No one may do this work for you

Few churches or priests can explain why we have genocide

The explanations are simple and just

Reincarnation and karma

They explain all

Nothing else does

And time that we realised that it is down to us

No magic intervention just us

So lets sort it out. ourselves and our planet

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