Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mmmmm - 68

Birth and death

Nothing comes from nothing,

matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed

Everything evolves from preexisting material

The growth of the body of an organism is initiated on inner planes, and involves the transformation of higher energy-substances into lower, more material ones

together with the attraction of matter from the environment.

When an organism has exhausted the store of vital energy with which it is born

the coordinating force of the indwelling monad is withdrawn, and the organism 'dies' ie falls apart as a unit, and it's constituent vehicles components go their separate ways

The lower vehicles decompose on their respective subplanes, while, in the case of humans, the reincarnating ego enters a dreamlike state of rest and assimilates the experiences of the previous incarnation

When the time comes for the next embodiment, the reincarnating ego clothes itself in many of the same atoms of different grades that it had used previously, bearing the appropriate karmic impress

The same basic processes of birth, death, and rebirth apply to all entities, from atoms to humans to stars

D. Pratt

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